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Easily synchronise your Notion databases to your Adobe XD designs.

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Easily manage and implement the content of your designs

Use Linkit to manage large amounts of data inside Notions database feature to be implemented in your Adobe XD designs with the click of a button.

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Sync in the blink of an eye

Linkit matches names of layers with the content on your Notion database page, Allowing full content synchronization with the click of a button.

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Easily link and detach separate items

Want to change an item in your design real quick? No problem. Detach and edit content on the spot, right in your Adobe XD design.

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Reference your Notion content quickly

The content of your Notion page will be concisely displayed in the plugin panel for you to review of implement right away.

Easily synchronise your Notion databases to your Adobe XD designs

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How to set up Linkit for Notion

Frequently asked questions

What is a Notion token and how is it used?

You'll need this token for any API-based automations or to link your workspace to some partner platforms, like Linkit. It's a way to give Linkit permission to access your Notion file.

I have linked my Notion token but can't see any of my pages in Linkit

This means your pages aren't shared yet with Linkit. On the page you wish to use, click share > click invite. Then select the Linkit integration and > click invite.

How do I structure my Notion page for syncing all content?

Keep in mind that the first column will define the name of the content group that the rest will fall under. Also, only use supported file types in your columns. For now, this is only text.

How do I structure my Adobe XD file for syncing all content?

Group your layers in accordance to your Notion file and make sure there are no duplicate layer names in the group. Also, the layer names have to match the names of the columns in Notion.

I haven't structured my files properly but still want to import content

At the moment it is not possible to sync layers that are not named the same as the columns in your Notion file. However do keep an eye out for this feature in the future.

How do I detach a specific piece of content after syncing everything?

Selecting a layer in your Adobe XD file that is linked to your Notion page will automatically select the specific content that it is linked to. From here you can use the “Detach from Content” button in order to break the link between the items and Notion.

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